Thursday, 11 September 2014

Qucik&easy one swipe eyeshadows

In my opinion, cream eyeshadows are the perfect choice for everyday wear. Especially if you're still a student and/or just starting your adventure with makeup.In addition, it's ideal for those lazy type od gals (like me), who want to look good without doing much. For me personally, the absolute winners here are Maybelline Colour Tattoos and in particular the shade On and on bronze. And yet another great thing about them is that they double up as a base.


 [without and with flash]
Permanent Taupe, Rich Russet, On and on bronze, Infinite white

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New (school) year, New goals

The last couple of days were kind of crazy. We arrived home super late on sept 1st and even though I would only get just a few hours of sleep I decided that I actually want to attend the first day of school. Somehow I survived it. The whole annoying process of unpacking suitcases, making my room look a little bit less messy and getting all school supplies and books were still waiting to be done, so I couldn't just lay in bed and relax. If that's not enough I think I might be sick (UPDATE: yes, I am sick and spending whole week in bed, what a great start of year :((( ). Anyway,  enough of my rambling, because i could possibly go on the whole day long. 
Now that I'm sitting in bed, sipping on coffee life looks a little bit better and I decided to create some plan for the future. I'm love creating to do lists, it makes me feel much more organised and not freaking out that I will forget about something. I write down a lot of them either its for school, what I need to buy or general life things. And even though I always make fun of those "new year, new me" kind of gals I decided to try to change few thing in my life. Here are my goals:

 • learn regulary - i know, i know,  it's kinda a typical one, but this year is super important as the test I'm     taking will decide on my future aka the univesity
 • eat healthier -another typical one, but I'm actually kind positive on this goal; during summer i decided to cut off the sweets in my diet and even though nothing will stop me from gettinf a desser from time to time I no longer crave sugar so much, on the other I just want to experiment with the food more and see if I like it or not
• drink more water - ugh, I'm a sucker when it comes to staying hydrated and should drink a lot more than i am
• move that body -it's finally time for me to start exercising I just need to find something that will work for me while not hurting my knees
•blog regulary - i will do it i promise and i am thinking about starting new series, exciting thing are about to happen so make sure you follow me!
• sell old clothes -i need to get rid of the stuff that i have not been wearing for a while and i could use some extra money ( to buy more clothes obviously, and that means hauls, yaaaay!)

And what is your goal for the nearest future? :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Summer favs

Summer's not dead quiet yet! At least not for me, as I'm probably still on a vacay as you're reading this (warm hugs & kisses from Bulgaria). Anyway, today I decided to share with you things that I've been enjoying the most during this summer break. So letz do this:

Bikini -h&m and roxy
I was super positively suprised by h&m bikini, to be honest i bought it because it was super cheap on sale. I was guessing it
would last be about a half of a time, but no! I so comfy, I love it.
The one from roxy is not from the newest collection, but I love it. Super fun and the top is double sided and that's pretty awesome.

Shorts - h&m
I love me some light blue bordshorts or jeanshorts in summer, but this pair has been an absolute win this summer. They're basically a short version of sweatpants, isn't that genious?

Batiste dry shampoo, Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture, Pantene Elixir with Argan Oil
During summer time I get lazy and don't want to destroy my hair by washing it every day, needless to say dry shampoo has been my very close and usefull friend.
I took Aussi on holidays with me and sprayed all over my hair as an extra protection before heading to the beach. It smells amazing and works awesome.
I love how silky and moisturized my hair feel after using pantene oil for few months now. You definitely should give it a go.

If you're curious what my makeup favs have been this summer make sure to read a whole post I'd made about it here.

Orange is the new black
I love this tv show, it's amazingly well done and addictive. While waiting for another season to air, I've decided to read the book it's based on. I'll let you know if I liked it as much as the tv show!

And what you enjoyed the most during this summer?

Thursday, 21 August 2014


 Sometimes the time before leaving on vacation can be a little stressfull. When everyone is equally excited about the trip and worried about every possible thing I like to escape from this maddnes. As I still had to run some errands, I decided to start the day with breakfest with a friend. To spice things up a bit, we opted for different part of city center than we would usually pick for getting food - the jewish quarter. It's a lovely district with an amazing history. Even though I live in Cracow since forever and have been to Kazimierz many times, I've been charmed how calm and lovely was this place in the morning. We decided to split one of the positions of breakfast menu in a restaurant called Hamsa. If you ever happen to be around you should definitely give it a go.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Summer everyday makeup favs

During this summer I have been barely wearing any make up and to be honest with you guys i'm super proud of myself because of it. Last year I felt more insecure with bare face, but now i feel best with minimal makeup, and i hope things will stay the same during school year. Anyways, there are days when i enjoy little something on my face and today i decided to share with you my most loved products this summer.

Maybellina Affinitone concealer (in shade 2 natural) & Collection Lasting Perfection (in shade cool medium 2) - i use maybelline concealer on my discolorations and other imperfections, it's super easy to blend and lasts a good amount of time; because collection concealer is too light for my skin tone atm i use it for under my eyes, it's amazing and brightens up my super dark circles

Inglot pressed powder in shade 15 - i have been using this powder since i stared wearing makeup, i love that it gives an amazingly natural look but still provides a bit coverage, even though it's a powder it does not leave you looking super matt and in my opinion it wears off a lot nicer than any foundation

Revlon Colorstay 16 hour Eye Shadow in 555 Moonlit - i just swipe all over the lid bottom left shade and it provides nice look without looking too done up

Revlon Lash Potion -and last but definitley not least mascara, this one is awesome for summer as it is waterproof and it provides both volume and lenght, when it comes to growing lashes
benefits i havent notice any changes but still i think it an amazing mascara

And what you were reaching for most this summer? Let me know in the comments section!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Smoothie season

For me summer screams smoothies. I drink them all the time. I am obsessed with them so much that today i decided to make a whole blogpost just about them.
 I know that it's now super popular to make smoothies with kale or other vegies, but I (being sometimes a fussy eater) prefer the all made of fruits one. So grab some berries and yoghurt, blend it well and enjoy! Today i made a blueberry and raspberry mix, it was delicious!
And what it your favourite flavour? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer collective haul

Sales time and I, have the love-hate relationship. I love the fact that you can finally find stuff somehow resonably priced, but it's just so exhausting (much more than normal shopping). I'm lucky enough that both my birthday and name's day happen during this part of the year, so i get extra money to spend.
Today I decided to show you some of my picks of 2014 summer sales. Bare in mind that I did not buy all of this in one trip, actually in (too) many trips. Also I do not always buy that much clothing, only during sale's time.

Bag - longchamp
 I was searching for a more casual bag for a longer time. Don't get me wrong I love zara bags but often they're too dressy for my everyday style. I love it and can't stop wearing it (wearing? not sure if you can wear a bag, but you know what i mean), it's super comfortable and cute. Also it was a part of my eighteenth birthday presents from my parents.

Sweaters -black & navy -zara, white - mango 
During school year sweters are a great stample to have in wardrobe. They make your outfit look classy whitout making much effort. A bonus they were complete bargains! 

Scarfs -white & lime/white - zara, blue - stradivarius

Jacket & sweatshirt - Hollister
 I already own a sweatshirt similar to this one in red and I love so when I found this on sale I just knew it has to be mine. Jacket was an amazing bargain and exactly what i was planning to buy this fall/winter season.

Trench - stradivarius, Vest - zara

Tops - (from top left) - American Eagle Outfitters, two from H&M, two from zara and two from stradivarius
 I know guys, I know. I went a little bit crazy with the tops, but I actually have already worn all of them multiple times and loved them. I'm the lazy kind of gal so a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers is my usual everyday look. To be honest with you I'm a little (okay, a lot) obsessed with t-shirt with funny quote and those zara rocks (they say: "don't be foolish rock music is the best invention ever" and my personal fav:"I know I'm not famous yet, but everyone knows my name and I don't know why") 

Top - zara

jeans - hollister, leggins - zara

Shoes - Timberland
I want looking for a pair of boat shoes, while still not being sure it i would like them or if I want to spend money on such a thing at the moment. They were kind of spontaneous decision. There was 40% off on second pair of shoes from sale. My dad bought himself one pair, so mine 40% off were a total bargain.

Shoes - Nike's outlet
Nike Blazers were my obsession for probably a year. I was originally going to buy a black pair, but everywhere I check they either didn't have my size or they were freaking expensive. I was super excited when i have found these babies in nike's outlet store. Bonus- they were also on sale! I decided to pick dark grey ones as they are super versatile. 

Uff, the end. I know this post is reeeaaallly long. but I hope you find it just a bit interesting. And what is your favourite purchase from summer sales? Make sure to let me know in the comments below.